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The disappearance of Flight 19 over the Bermuda Triangle is finally solved!

U.S. Navy Pilot: George H. Bush was really a foreign born Nazi Spy:
George H. Scherff Jr!

Nazy Spy; George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George H. Bush was the son of Nazi Spy: George H. Scherff Sr.,
He was an illegal immigrant born Austrian who worked for Dr. Nikola Tesla as his accountant!

It wasn't strange phenomena from the Bermuda Triangle, Aliens, bad weather or pilot error
that caused Flight 19 to vanish without a trace. It was sabotage by the Nazi Spy:
George H.W. Bush & the U.S. Navy covered it up!

George H.W. Bush Was a Sabotaging Nazi Traitor. He Wasn't Born in America Yet The Fascist,
Corrupt Secret Service, F.B.I. & Piece of Shit C.I.A. Illegally Allowed the Foreign Born Nazi Bush
to Become a U.S. President!

Read all about it in the amazing book; SABOTAGE.

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The Amazing SABOTAGE Book is Now
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